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The Movement Center

George Floyd’s murder and the social upheaval it spawned raised awareness of the need for social investments and institution-building in Black communities. The Movement Center is a multi-purpose facility designed to address a number of critical needs often unavailable, unaffordable, or inconveniently located for marginalized communities.

One of the greatest challenges of any movement is to maintain its power and momentum over time. From the first slave revolts to fighting Black Codes and segregation, to protests against poverty, inequality, voter suppression, and police brutality, the struggle for equal rights and freedom continues.

The Movement Center is a living, working monument to that ongoing struggle.

It is a safe place where those who are committed to social change and activism can meet and share. It is a place of gathering and celebration that is open to the community, a place where meetings, convenings, and ceremonies, can be held in an environment that speaks to our identity, our history, and our heritage. It is a reminder that we are connected to our past and that the struggles that came before shape the world we live in today. The Movement Center is a physical representation of these connections, of the continuum, a symbolic link to that which came before, and a gateway to the future.

The Movement Center is a safe, creative space for changemakers to forge coalitions and build relationships.

Our Mission

Its 10,000 sq. ft. of usable space has been configured to accommodate a wide range of functions and activities. For non-profits and activist organizations, The Movement Center offers flexible and affordable office space. Comfortably furnished and backed by a full-service business center, The Movement Center is an ideal spot for incubating start-up social enterprises, and for nurturing organizations on a growth path. The collegial environment encourages networking and collaborative interactions. 


In addition to its office, training, and social advocacy capabilities, The Movement Center offers several features specifically created to accommodate events and activities generated by the surrounding community. Although abundantly decorated with historic images, banners, and motifs, several Center walls are unadorned, providing gallery space that is reserved for local artists and creators. In addition to multi-use, flexible spaces, The Movement Center features a 20 ft. atrium-style reception area festooned with social justice graphics, and a covered terrace for outdoor use, as well as a fully equipped catering kitchen with place settings, linens, and other supplies.

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